• JaKeGA
  • Jammu & Kashmir e-Governance Agency

The Jammu and Kashmir e-Governance Agency (JaKeGA) functions under the supervision and guidance of Administrative Secretary of Information Technology Department.

The JaKeGA has been introduced to ensure increased transparency, efficiency and effectiveness for delivery of citizen services to common people; JaKeGA is a part of the Government’s agenda of governance. The nature and scale of governance initiatives planned within the domain of the state Governments,present a considerable enhancement in the aspiration level of Government.

The primary objective of the Jammu and kashmir e-Governance Agency (JaKeGA) is to design, deliver and administer e-Governance projects by providing the administrative, financial ,legal and technical framework in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. JaKeGA works in promoting and disseminating Information Technology culture in the UT so that common man could avail the benefits of Information technology and e- Governance. The Agency also facilitate establishment of e-service centers throughout the UT through suitable public-private partnerships to ensure that public gets the desired information and e-Services literally at their doorsteps.